Sessions and Speakers: Monday, 20 August

9:20am         Registration and Coffee      Foyer (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)

10:30am       Opening Ceremony      Honda Memorial Hall
10:50am       Plenary Session 1      Honda Memorial Hall

   Chair: Edward Jones, Oklahoma State University

Milton's Global Reach
   -Thomas Corns, Bangor University

Reading Milton in Japan
   -Akira Arai, Seigakuin University
12:20pm       Lunch Break
1:50pm         Parallel Panels 1

   1a. Milton and 17th-Century Engagements      Rm 17606

Chair: Noam Flinker, University of Haifa

Edward King and England's Wolfish Institutions: Concealed Satire in Lycidas
   -Michael Gadaleto, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Property in Paradise?: The Problem of Labour in Milton and Locke
   -Taihei Hanada, Takushoku University

Milton and Music
-Seth Herbst, Harvard University

   1b. Milton in the 18th Century      Rm 17607

Chair: John Leonard, University of Western Ontario

'All that follows to p.50 very indifferent': Richard Hurd Reads Milton, 1751-1800
   -Hugh Adlington, University of Birmingham

Critical Mass: The Influence of Addison on Bentley
   -David A. Harper, University of Texas

Repetition, Repentance, and Passionate Sublimity in Paradise Lost
   -Noel Sugimura, Georgetown University

   1c. Managing Milton's Texts      Room 17608

Chair: Edward Jones, Oklahoma State University

Two Nineteenth-Century Forgeries of a Paradise Lost Title-Page
   -Jonathan Olson, University of Liverpool

"And Lichas from the top of Oeta threw": The Effect of Parallel Prose Editions on the Syntax of Paradise Lost
   -Peter Roccia, Grant MacEwan University

Lexical Choice in John Milton's Artis Logicae Plenior Institutio (1672)
   -Jameela Lares, The University of Southern Mississippi
3:20pm        Tea Break     Foyer (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)
3:50pm        Parallel Panels 2

   2a. Comus     Rm 17606

Chair: Reginald Wilburn, University of New Hampshire

Comus and the Trial of Liturgy
   -David Gay, University of Alberta

Masking Tensions: Homeric Comus Revised as Biblical Lady
   -Noam Flinker, University of Haifa

The Baroque Body and Milton's Lady
   -Talya Meyers, Stanford University (read by Seth Herbst)

   2b. Milton’s International Reception      Rm 17607

Chair: Noam Reisner, Tel Aviv University

Milton and the Spanish Catholic Church
   -Angelica Duran, Purdue University

"He also saw rich Mexico": Translating Milton's Political Prose in(to) the Seat of Montezuma
   -Mario Murgia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Restoring the Poetics of Transcendence: A Study of Tadao Yanaihara's Lectures on Paradise Lost
   -Kensei Nishikawa, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

   2c. Milton and Methodism      Rm 17608

Chair: Jameela Lares, The University of Southern Mississippi

A Genealogy of John Wesley's Miltonism
   -Wayne Pounds, Aoyama Gakuin University

Wesleyan Education in Japan
   -Paul Tsuchido Shew, Aoyama Gakuin University

Paradise Redacted: Milton and Methodist Education
   -Thomas Dabbs, Aoyama Gakuin University

5:50-7:00pm      Wine Reception      Ivy Hall