Sessions and Speakers: Wednesday, 22 August

9:20am      Parallel Panels 5

   5a. Milton: Science and Sense      Rm 17606

Chair: Joan Blythe, University of Kentucky

When I Consider How Light Is Sent in Paradise Lost
   -Katsuhiro Engetsu, Doshisha University

Toward a Semiotics of Smell in Paradise Lost
   -Lauren Shohet, Villanova University

To Read Milton's Work Through Japanese Sensibility
   -Rie Hase, Tohoku University

   5b. Milton: Religion, Discipline, and Law      Rm 17607

Chair: Joshua Scodel, University of Chicago

The Law’s Violence in Paradise Lost
   -Sarah Higinbotham, Georgia State University

Discipline in Paradise
   -Kenneth Graham, University of Waterloo

When Muslims Read Milton: Paradise Lost and a Religious Shock
   -Mahe Nau Awan, University of Surrey

   5c. Samson Agonistes: Influence and Reception      Rm 17608

Chair: William Shullenberger, Sarah Lawrence College

Fame and Exile: Ovid's Tristia in Milton's Poems
   -Michiko Mori, Otemae University

Ceremony in Milton's Samson Agonistes and Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise
   -Karen Clausen-Brown, University of Notre Dame

The Reception of Samson Agonistes in Coleridge
   -Takehiro Hashimoto, Kanto Gakuin University
10:50am      Coffee Break      Foyer (Blg 17, 6th Floor)
11:20am      Plenary Session 3      Honda Memorial Hall

   Chair: Beverley Sherry, University of Sydney

"Lodge and Dislodge by Turns": Rethinking the Milton Controversy
   -John Leonard, University of Western Ontario

The Oxford Milton: Rethinking the Life and the Text
   -Gordon Campbell, University of Leicester
12:50pm      Lunch Break
2:10pm        Parallel Panels 6

   6a. Milton and Intentionality      Rm 17606

Chair: David Gay, University of Alberta

Is Milton a Pacifist?
   -Nobuhiro Kawashima, Ryukoku University

"The Law I Gave to Nature": The Aporetic Proclamation of Natural Law in Paradise Lost
   -Bjorn Quiring, Ludwig Maximilians University

Dread in Paradise Lost
   -Ken Hiltner, University of California, Santa Barbara (read by Seth Herbst, Harvard University)

   6b. Milton: Nature and the Garden      Rm 17607

Chair: Jonathan Olson, University of Liverpool

Is Milton's Eden Truly a "Natural Garden?: From the Viewpoint of the Japanese Concept of Shizen
   -Osamu Nakayama, Reitaku University

Milton's Ideal Place in Arcades, Epitaphium Damonis and the Garden of Eden
   -Yae Kanasaki, Kinki University

Milton's Garden and the Language of Georgic
   -Seth Lobis, Claremont McKenna College

   6c. Milton and 17th-Century Poetry      Rm 17608

Chair: Kenneth Graham, University of Waterloo

Placing the Presbyter: Milton and Marvell
   -Margaret Kean, University of Oxford

Milton and Dryden: The Heritage of the English Republic
   -Go Togashi, Ferris University

"Paradise within": Religion and Politics in the Works of Milton and Herbert
   -Fahimeh Naseri, University of Newcastle
3:40pm      Tea Break      Foyer (Blg 17, 6th Floor)
4:00-5:00    Recommendation: Nezu Museum, famous for national treasures from the Edo period and a Japanese garden (10 min. walk).
7:00pm      Concert      Goucher Memorial Chapel
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