Sessions and Speakers: Thursday, 23 August

9:20am Parallel Panels 7

   7a. Milton, God and the Cosmos      Room 17606

Chair: David Hawkes, Arizona State University

Milton's Reasonable Vision of God and the Spenserian Tradition
   -Matthew Evans-Cockle, University of British Columbia

Chaos and Cosmos in Paradise Lost: between Lucretius' Atomism and the Copernican Paradigm
   -Antonella Piazza, University of Salerno

Galileo and the Tuscan Artist: Two Perspectives of Milton’s Cosmos in Paradise Lost, 7 and 8
   -Valerie Shepard, University of California, Los Angeles

   7b. Milton, Civil War and the Restoration      Room 17607

Chair: Katsuhiro Engetsu, Doshisha University

Milton and Cromwell: Another Look at the Evidence
   -Tobias B. Gregory, Catholic University of America

Religious Schism, Separation, and Uniformity in Paradise Lost
   -David Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin-Madison

(Carter Revard will be unable to attend.)

   7c. Milton and Poetics      Room 17608

Chair: Lauren Shohet, Villanova University

What Happens in Sonnets: Considering Events in Milton’s Sonnets
   -Ryan Netzley, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Milton's Mountain Nymph and Pastoral Liberties
   -Joshua Scodel, University of Chicago

A Study of Typology in Milton’s Nativity Ode
   -Byung-Eun Lee, Hansung University, Seoul
10:50am      Coffee Break      Foyer (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)
11:20am      Parallel Panels 8

   8a. Milton and Time      Room 17606

Chair: Noel Sugimura, Georgetown University

"Me thou think'st not slow": Contemporaneous Time in Paradise Lost
   -Blaine Greteman, University of Iowa

Milton and McTaggart: Time Structures of the Mind in Paradise Lost
   -Ayelet Langer, University of London

"Joy and harmles pastime": Milton's Rehabilitation of Otium
   -Mandy Green, University of Durham

   8b. Milton in China and Japan      Rm 17607

Chair: Osamu Nakayama, Reitaku University

Milton in China, 1837-1911
   -Tianhu Hao, Peking University

Milton and Lafcadio Hearn
   -Joan Blythe, University of Kentucky

Shitsurakuen-monogatari (The Story of Paradise Lost) and Paradise Lost
   -Yuko Noro, Nihon University

   8c. Translating and Transferring Paradise Lost      Rm 17608

Chair: Angelica Duran, Purdue University

Leveling the Sublime: Translating Milton into English in the Eighteenth Century
   -Aaron Shapiro, Boston University

Anne-Marie du Boccage’s “Le Paradis terrestre” (1748) as a Model of Cultural Transfer through Translation
-Christophe Tournu, University of Strasbourg

Milton in Arabic: Transforming Paradise Lost for the Arab-Muslim Reader
   -Islam Issa, University of Birmingham
12:50pm      Lunch Break
(1:40pm      IMS Standing Committee      Rm 17609)
2:20pm      Parallel Panels 9

   9a. Milton, Romance, and Marriage      Room 17606

Chair: Mandy Green, University of Durham

"How Human Life Began": Human Reproduction in Paradise Lost
   -Thomas Luxon, Dartmouth College [unable to attend]

Milton, Marriage, and Myth in Anne Manning’s The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell
   -Gregory Semenza, University of Connecticut

Milton, Polygamy, and the Orient
   -Walter Swee Huat Lim, National University of Singapore

   9b. Milton and Economy     Rm 17607

Chair: Gordon Campbell, Leicester University

Usury and Custom in Milton's Thought
   -David Hawkes, Arizona State University

John Milton and the Hearth Tax: New Records and New Possibilities
   -Edward Jones, Oklahoma State University

Is Capitalism a Satanic System?: Satan's Confession in Paradise Lost and the Spirit of Capitalism
   -Daisuke Arie, Yokohama National University

   9c. Milton, Theology, and History      Room 17608

Chair: Tobias Gregory, Catholic University of America

Editing De Doctrina Christiana from the Manuscript, 2012
   -John Hale, University of Otago (read by Michael Cop)

Paradise Regained: Biblical Harmony and Narrative Dissonance
   -Michael Cop, University of Otago

Milton's Bible
   -Thomas Fulton, Rutgers University
3:50pm      Tea Break    Foyer      (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)
4:20pm      Plenary Session 4      Honda Memorial Hall

   Chair: David Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Ecocritical Milton
   -Leah Marcus, Vanderbilt University

Portrait of the Artist as a Young ?
   -Debora Shuger, University of California, Los Angeles
5:50pm      Closing Ceremony
6:30pm      Conference Banquet      Ivy Hall