Sessions and Speakers: Tuesday, 21 August

9:20am      Parallel Panels 3

   3a. Paradise Lost, Comparative Views      Rm 17606

Chair: Christophe Tournu, University of Strasbourg

Poetic Pleasure and Temperate Reading in Areopagitica and Paradise Lost
   -Sara Saylor, University of Texas

The Limits of Worst in Paradise Lost and King Lear
   -Daniel Shore, Georgetown University

Melancholic Imagery in Paradise Lost
   -Wataru Sasakawa, Kitami Institute of Technology

   3b. Milton and the Romantic Tradition      Rm 17607

Chair: Blaine Greteman, University of Iowa

"The Clouded Ruins of a God" or: Why Milton's Satan became a Romantic Hero
   -Evan LaBuzetta, Independent Scholar

"Life to him would be death to me": The Romantic Struggle against the Miltonic Legacy in John Keats's Hyperion
   -Mie Gotoh, Fukuoka University of Education

Points of Contact: Nature in Milton's Paradise Lost and Wordsworth's Nature
   -Hiroko Tsuji, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

   3c. Milton, Race, and Modernity      Rm 17608

Chair: Hugh Adlington, University of Birmingham

Twenty-First Century Milton: Modern Technology's Positive Trivialisation of John Milton
   -Michelle Zappa, University of Exeter

Voicings of Dominion in John Milton's Paradise Lost and Toni Morrison's A Mercy
   -Bill Fitzhenry, California Polytechnic State University

Rendering Milton's Black Sisterhood Visible
   -Reginald A. Wilburn, University of New Hampshire
10:50am      Coffee Break      Foyer (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)
11:20am      Plenary Session 2      Honda Memorial Hall

   Chair: Thomas Corns, Bangor University

Milton and the Politics of Jesus: From Regicide to Restoration
   -John Coffey, University of Leicester

Milton: The Muse, the Spirit, the Prophets, and Prophetic Poetry
   -Barbara Lewalski, Harvard University
12:50pm      Lunch Break
2:10pm       Parallel Panels 4

    4a. Paradise Lost:  Sin and Materiality      Rm 17606

Chair: Margaret Kean, University of Oxford

Desire and the Poetics of the Flesh in Paradise Lost
   -Noam Reisner, Tel Aviv University

Is "a Spirit" Incorporeal or Corporeal? The Materiality of God in Paradise Lost
   -Kazunori Kawasaki, Nihon University

4b. Milton: Poetics and Politics      Rm 17607

Chair: Thomas Fulton, Rutgers University

“Unspeakable desire to see, and know": The Private and Public Spaces of Milton’s 1671 Poems
   -Eric B. Song, Swarthmore College

Sublime Violence in Milton's Republican Sonnets
   -John D. Staines, John Jay College, City University of New York

Milton's Contra-pair Sonnets: "to the Lord General Cromwell" and "To Sir Henry Vane the Younger"
   -Nanami Kobayashi, Doshisha University

4c. Miltonic Drama      Rm 17608

Chair: Beverley Sherry, University of Sydney

"Somebody’s Fool": Samson and the Absurd
   -William Shullenberger, Sarah Lawrence College

Samson Agonistes as a Japanese Noh Play
   -Hiroko Sano, Aoyama Gakuin University

Milton’s Use of the Classical Messenger Scene in Samson Agonistes
   -Stella P. Revard, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (read by Beverley Sherry, with an introduction by Barbara Lewalski)
3:40pm      Tea Break     Foyer      (Blg. 17, 6th Floor)
4:20-5:30pm   Recommendation: Ota Museum, famous for a fine collection of Ukiyoe prints.
(10 min. by taxi from AGU and 10 min. by taxi to the Noh Theatre).
7:00pm      Noh Play      National Noh Theatre (Sendagaya)
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